Value for Recruiters

Breaking away

One of the recurring hurdles facing RIA recruiters is the loss of trails for financial advisors. Many financial advisors sold trails-paying investments through their broker-dealers, expecting those trails to provide compensation for ongoing advice and analysis. When breaking away from a broker-dealer (or wirehouse), these advisors are often surprised to learn they cannot receive those trails without being registered – with Series 6 or Series 7 – with a broker-dealer.

A clear path

AnnuityFix helps financial advisors overcome this hurdle. The solution provides a clear path forward for advisors who wish to drop their Series 6 or Series 7, in favor of providing advisory services for a fee that is based on assets under management.

The solution

Recruiters have a straightforward solution with AnnuityFix that offers RIA candidates career mobility. Recruiters may also receive a modest referral fee* when an RIA has worked for six months and 12 months with AnnuityFix.

* Unavailable in MA.

Do you have trails-paying annuities you wish to service as an RIA?

AnnuityFix is a simple solution for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who wish to service broker-dealer annuities for an advisory fee.

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