AnnuityFix™ Process


Initial Interview

You are doing due diligence to determine whether our firm offers a good solution for your clients and their assets. You are always representing your clients’ best interests.

We are doing our due diligence to determine whether you and your RIA firm are the best advisors to provide fiduciary services to our clients.

We screen advisors based on personal professionalism, regulatory history and criminal background. Like you, we want to make sure this is a good fit.


Legal Review

You present our contract and legal analysis to your independent counsel.

You may wish to add disclosure language to your ADV Part 2. You may ask us to sign your advisory agreement in addition to our contract.



You send a list of the accounts and their respective investments to us, so we can make a proposal. This can be done at the same time as your legal review.

We confirm we have agreements with each of your investment providers. We do not need confidential client information at this stage.



We start working together to move accounts.

We require a single point of contact for your firm. We provide the most current forms, and you and your clients complete them. You upload completed forms to a secure drive.


First Quarter

You are paid an advisory fee in arrears after each quarter.

The advisory fee is based on assets under management, but if an investment is not paying us, we will not pay an advisory fee on that asset. Advisory fees range from .17% to .85% depending upon the assets under management.


Your Work

You work for the clients as a fiduciary, just like you always have.

We are hiring you to deliver advice and analysis to the clients. We provide you with online software to quickly view and monitor our clients’ investment values, surrender charges, inception dates, rider values and more. We handle all account reallocations and withdrawals.


Annual Survey

You are surveyed annually.

You are sent a short DocuSign survey regarding ongoing suitability of the investment and satisfaction with the advice and analysis you are providing. In the same way, you are surveyed regarding the satisfaction of your responsibilities and adherence to professional standards.


At Any Time

Our contract is a 30 day contract that can be canceled at any time.

If you wish to resign and move the assigned clients elsewhere, we will provide you support in maintaining continuity of service with the clients who are loyal to you.

Do you have trails-paying annuities you wish to service as an RIA?

AnnuityFix is a simple solution for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who wish to service broker-dealer annuities for an advisory fee.

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