About Johnstone Brokerage

Johnstone Brokerage Services (JBS) was founded by Grant Johnstone, a Texas attorney who worked as a Chief Compliance Officer, a Certified Financial Planner, an RIA founder, and estate planner.

A simple solution to a complex problem for RIA’s.

JBS acquires trails-paying annuities and contracts with independent RIAs to service those annuities for a quarterly advisory fee based on AUM.

We are Experienced

We understand the needs of break-away RIAs and we understand the law.


Certified Financial Planner

Principal and CCO of a Breakaway RIA

Broker-Dealer Offering RIAs AnnuityFix

Do you have trails-paying annuities you wish to service as an RIA?

AnnuityFix is a simple solution for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who wish to service broker-dealer annuities for an advisory fee.

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